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We're bringing the Tactical Welder right to you. We'll be doing demonstrations with our battery powered welder around the country at the end of 2016. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on our tour schedule

Tactical Welder: Battery Powered Welder

No cables. No generators. Everything you need in one backpack.

Completely Battery Powered Welder

The Tactical Welder is powered by 8 lithium batteries. You can weld up to a 1 pound spool of wire in one charge.

Completely Portable Welder

Our battery powered welder weighs only 20 pounds. You just grab it an go, making welding in remote and hard to reach locations quick and easy.

Cost Saving, Time Saving Welding

The Tactical Welder needs no cables and no generators. This means no time wasted prepping for your weld job. Flip the switch on the battery powered welder and you are ready to go.

Tactical Welder Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tactical Welder?

The Tactical Welder is a completely portable welder. Because it is a battery powered welder, you are able transport the welder to remote and hard to reach locations with minimal time setting up.

What kind of power does the Tactical Welder have?

The Tactical Welder is 300 AMPS and has 1/2 KW of power.

How long does it take to set up the Tactical Welder?

The only set up involved with the welder is to turn it on. No generators. No cables. No more wasting hours of time and equipment setting up your weld job.

How much does the Tactical Welder weigh?

The welder weighs 20 pounds making it easily portable.

What kind of welding can the Tactical Welder perform?

The Tactical Welder can do stick and MIG welding.

How is the Tactical Welder powered?

The welder is powered from 8 lithium batteries, each 7ml thick.

How much can I weld on one battery charge?

You can weld a 1 pound spool of wire on charge of the welder.

How long does it take the Tactical Welder to charge?

It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the welder batteries.

How long to the batteries last?

The Tactical Welder batteries will last up to 3500 cycles.