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Universal Absorbent Socks - 3
Universal Absorbent Sock | All Purpose Oil, Water, Coolant and Solvent Absorbent Sock | GCSO1210

Universal Absorbent Socks - 3" dia. X 12'

SpillTech #GCSO1210

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Universal Absorbent Socks - 3" dia. X 12'

Corn cob absorbent socks are filled with finely ground corn cob that makes these socks highly absorbent.

Corn Cob Absorbent Socks

All Purpose AbsorbentAbsorbs water, oil, coolant and solvent spillsHighly AbsorbentCorn cob absorbent socks absorb up to a 1/2 gallon of fluid - twice as much as clay.

Contain and Absorb SpillsSurround spills with absorbent socks to prevent the spread of fluids, while any liquid that comes into contact with the absorbent sock is quickly soaked up


Model #: GCSO1210
Spill Type: Universal
Absorbency per: 3.4 gal./sock
Absorbency total: 34 gal./package
Quantity: 10 socks
Dimensions: dia. 3" x 12' L
Color: Gray
Material: Cellulose Filler/Polypropylene Sleeve
Incinerable: Yes

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