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Oil-Only AirLaid Roll

SpillTech WRA150H Oil-Only AirLaid Roll

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Retail Price:$95.25
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Part Number:WRA150H

The Oil-Only AirLaid Roll is a cost-saving solution for your absorbent pad needs. Each 150" x 30" roll is perforated vertically at 15" vertically and 17" horizontally, so you only use what you need for the job and save money.

AirLaid absorbent pads are designed for flexibility. The polypropylene fibers are "AirLaid" between layers of SpunBond making this absorbent pad resilient and flexible, whether you need to wrap it around a pipe or crumple it to fit into a tight space these absorbent pads conform to any job.

Spill type: Oil only
Color: white
Size: 150" L x 30" W
Number of rolls/pack: 1
Absorbency: Up to 60 gallons per roll

High Sorbency Universal Pad
The inner layer of high-loft, air-filled polypropylene fibers creates uniform pockets of air that attract and hold liquids. Absorbs high volumes of liquid fast.

Two abrasion-resistant, SpunBond layers are ultrasonic boneded around loose fibers for superior strength and durability.

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