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Oil-Only AirLaid Pads

SpillTech WPA100H Oil-Only AirLaid Pads

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Part Number:WPA100H

AirLaid absorbent pads are designed for flexibility. The polypropylene fibers are "AirLaid" between layers of SpunBond making this oil-only absorbent pad resilient and flexible, whether you need to wrap it around a pipe or crumple it to fit into a tight space these absorbent pads conform to any job.

Spill type: Oil only
Color: white
Size: 19" L x 15" W
Number of pads/pack: 100
Absorbency: Up to 40oz per pad

High Sorbency Universal Pad
The inner layer of high-loft, air-filled polypropylene fibers creates uniform pockets of air that attract and hold liquids. Absorbs high volumes of liquid fast.

Two abrasion-resistant, SpunBond layers are ultrasonic boneded around loose fibers for superior strength and durability.

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