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Oil Absorbent Socks - 3" dia. x 4'

SpillTech WSO430 Oil Absorbent Socks - 3" dia. x 4'

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Part Number:WSO430

Oil absorbent socks are filled with a recycled poly blend making them a superior oil absorbent.

Oil Absorbent Socks

Oil Absorbent and Water RepellantOil absorbent socks selectively absorb petroleum-based liquids and are hydrophobic, so they repel water and float on water.

Contain and Absorb SpillsSurround spills with absorbent socks to prevent the spread of fluids, while any liquid that comes into contact with the absorbent sock is quickly soaked up

SpecificationsSpill type: Oil Only
Size: 3" Diameter x 4' L
Quantity: 30 absorbent socks
Color: White
Absorbency: Up to 106.6 oz. per sock

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