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Industrial Oil Absorbent Pads - 15
Blue Oil Absorbent Pads | SpillTech Oil-Only Commander Pads | BPF100H

Industrial Oil Absorbent Pads - 15" x 19"

SpillTech #BPF100H

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Industrial Oil Absorbent Pads - 15" x 19"

Heavy weight oil only absorbent mat for industrial cleanup and spill response.

Oil Only Commander Absorbent Pads:
Best for use in industries with wet processes.
3-ply construction and can be placed around machinery, in production areas, under assembly lines and conveyors
Ideal for foot traffic
Perforated so you can tear these absorbent pads into different sizes for your application
Oil selective, repels water but absorbs oil and all oil-based fluids
Hi-vis blue is great in snowy areas where pad placement needs to be traced


Model #: BPF100H
Spill Type: Oil Only
Absorbency per: 33.66 oz./pad
Absorbency total: 26.3 gal./package
Quantity: 100 pads
Dimensions: 19" L x 15" W
Color: Blue
Material: Polypropylene
Mat Weight: HeavyWeight
Incinerable: Yes
Series: Commanderâ„¢

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