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HazMat Absorbent Pillows - 8" x 18"

SpillTech YPIL818 HazMat Absorbent Pillows - 8" x 18"

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HazMat absorbent pillows are designed to soak up acids, bases and unknown fluids quickly.

Oil Absorbent Pillow

HazMat Spill 100% poly blend HazMat Pillows are filled with 100% poly blend absorbant that quickly absorbs caustic, hazardous and unknown liquids, including acids, bases, solvents and chemicals.

All-in-One Absorbent Solution
Pillows can pull liquids from the floor like a sock, absorb spills like a pad and catch liquids like drip pan

Fast Spill Response
Absorbent pillows have a large surface area that helps absorb a high volume of liquid in a short period of time

Flexible and Cost Efficient
Pillows are sized to fit into drip pans as absorbents and they can also be placed in hard-to-reach spaces like under leaky hoses and pipes, cramped corners and under machinery.

Specifications Spill type: HazMat
Size: 8" W x 18" L
Quantity: 20 absorbent pillows
Color: Yellow
Absorbency: Up to 1.34 gallons per pillow

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