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Fuel Tank Water Absorber, WaterWick, 8oz

SpillTech WW15 Fuel Tank Water Absorber, WaterWick, 8oz

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Part Number:WW15

WaterWick sorbent extends your engines life by absorbing water that collects in fuel tanks. Helps prevent frozen fuel lines and minimizes filter-clogging algae and rust.
The WaterWick sinks to the bottom of the fuel tank where water settles and the absorbent filler pulls in the water while repelling fuel.

  • Nylon line makes deployment and retrieval easy
  • Highly absorbent, repels fuel and absorbs water


  • Size: 1.5" dia. x 12" L
  • Construction: Plastic/Nylon
  • Color: Grey
  • Quantity: 1 WaterWick
  • Absorbency: Up to 8 oz. per wick

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