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Aveho Odor Removal Spray, Refill 1 Gallon

UltraTech International 4605 Aveho Odor Removal Spray, Refill 1 Gallon

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Part Number:4605

The Aveho odor removal spray is a new technology that consists of micro-sized particles that capture and physically bind odor-causing compounds or catalytically convert the odor molecules into non-odorous ones - completely eliminating the odor not just covering it over like air fresheners, baking soda, antimicrobials and other odor eliminating products.

Aveho odor removal technology mimics processes found in nature, where there are strong bonds between metal atoms and amino acids. These amino acids can break down to form numerous odors. Aveho interacts with these odors through its natural tendency to bind with nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. This interaction removes the odors from the air.

The Aveho technology is available for license for a wide variety of applications. Please contact us to find out more.


  • Capable of removing target odors, without affecting most desired fragrances
  • More capacity than activated carbon in most applications
  • Eliminates odors in air and liquids
  • Removes odors without adding any fragrance

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