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Drain Guard, Ultimate Model:  1-Pack
9376 Drain Guard, Ultimate Model: 1-Pack

Drain Guard, Ultimate Model: 1-Pack

UltraTech #9376

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Drain Guard, Ultimate Model: 1-Pack

The Ultimate In Catch Basin Inserts Removes Dirt, Sediment, Hydrocarbons, And Utilizes An Effective Antimicrobial Coating

  • Same hydrocarbon and sediment removal capabilities as the Ultra-Drain Guard, Oil & Sediment Plus Model (see page ) but with additional antimicrobial properties.
  • 1.5 x 20 strips of Ultra-X-Tex AM (Antimicrobial) hang from the bottom of the Drain Guard and become immersed in standing catch basin water, allowing contact with destructive bacteria.
  • Antimicrobial coated Ultra-X-Tex tentacles help address stormwater related issues with single-cell organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae) that are found in stagnant stormwater and catch basins.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.
  • {CAPTION} Ultra-X-Tex AM Strips: Add hydrocarbon removal capacity Offer antimicrobial coating Reduce odors Reduce mosquitos


Model #: 9376
Dimensions: 48" x 36" x 38"
Capacity: Oil: Up to 1.57 gal.. Sediment: Up to 40 lbs.
Color: Black
Material: X-Tex
Quantity: 1
Type: Oil and Sediment
Compliance: NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26, TMDL

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