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Battery Powered Welding System

Absorbents and Sorbents


Absorbent pads and mats, absorbent pillows and absorbent socks for emergency spill response, including chemical spills and oil spills.

Emergency Spill Kits

Spill Kits

Emergency spill kits filled with absorbents and PPE gear to safely and quickly respond to emergency spills, chemical spills and oil spills.

Spill Response and Clean Up

Spill Response

Respond quickly and effectively to accidental spills with oil spill response products, drain seals and plugs, spill berms, pop-up pools and oil eating microbes.

PPE, Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Safety and PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety gear from safety goggles, safety gloves, foot protection and protective clothing.

Facility Protection and Safety Compliance

Facility Safety

Protect your facility, your workers and maintain compliance with post protectors, cable protectors, drip diverters and ADA pads.

Overpack Drums

Drum Spill Containment

Keep your workplace safe and meet secondary containment requirements with our overpacks, drum racks, drum trays and accessories for your 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

Stormwater Management

Storm Drain Protection

Keep the water supply free of chemical and oil spills by using drain guards, drain seals, dewatering bags, storm drain guards and filter socks.

Orion Solutions is a premiere distributor for Ultratech International spill containment products, oil spill response solutions and sorbent systems helping you meet all your secondary spill containment requirements.

We provide a variety of spill containers to help you meet any secondary spill containment requirements your business has and help you meet OSHA, SPCC and EPA requirements. Orion solutions offers a complete product line including spill containment pallets, spill decks, oil spill response products, containment booms, spill berms, sorbents, oil spill clean up solutions and more.

For any chemical and oil spill clean up situations you may face, Orion Solutions has a secondary containment solution. Contact us today for a quote or let us help you design a solution for your spill containment needs!